DS & ME Range of Hand-Held Reader / Viewers


Across Australia – New Zealand – Papua New Guinea & Oceania – DS & ME now have in excess of FIVE HUNDRED – 500 INSTALLATIONS of On-Demand Walk-up Digital Microfilm Reader, Viewer, Scanner & Printers with the ability to Read, View, Scan, and Print from 16 / 35 mm Roll Microfilm, Microfiche, 35 mm Aperture Cards for Engineering, Architectural plus any other type of Drawing/s, Map/s & Plan/s – either negative or positive, plus Micro Opaque/s – e.g. Microcard/s or Microprint/s.

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DS & ME range of Hand-Held Microfiche Reader / Viewer Products.

DS &ME model 456 Elite Hand-Held Reader / Viewer

DME Hand Held 456 Elite


The Elite Hand-Held Viewer provides instant access to information anywhere . . . at home, the office or in the field for viewing data up to 24 x source document or aperture cards. This maintenance free viewer is ready to use when you receive it — absolutely no set up and allows you to view an image from any position without encumbrances like sunlight or power cords.

Specifications: Dimensions: 29.4 mm x 50.8 mm x 158.7 mm = ( 1.2″ x 2″ x 6.2″ )

Weight: 182 grams = ( 6.4 ounces ) Viewing Field: Aperture Diameter, 15.6 mm = ( 0.62″ ) at image plane Illumination Source: Intended for use with ambient light. Optional battery operated light adapter is available.

Magnification: 13 x Focus Control: Thread-type lens mount adjusts for eyesight; focus is maintained when new image is positioned Input: Microfiche, Film Jackets, Aperture Cards, Colour Slides and Transparencies Construction: High impact plastic and aluminium

Features Mask for framing image Focus set-screw to lock lens in position Eye cup for easier viewing Eye shield to eliminate squinting Magnetic back plate Balance illumination to prevent eye fatigue Soft inner lining to hold image firmly without damage High quality padded vinyl carrying case

NOTE: Specifications, product appearance and statements are subject to change.

DS & ME Mask to frame an 8 1/2″ x 11″ source document reduced 24 x.

DS & ME Thumb screw to lock focus for your individual needs. DS & ME Soft rubber eye cup for more comfortable viewing.

If you require specific information on any of the Digital Scanning & Microfilm Equipment – DS & ME Microfiche Readers then contact Laurie Varendorff via Phone @ +618 9286 3705; mobile: +61 417 094 147; or via the contact us facility @ Contact Us @ DS & ME at this website. For any form of 16 / 35 mm Roll Microfilm, Microfiche, 35 mm Aperture Card/s for Engineering, Architectural plus other types of Drawing/s, Map/s & Plan/s – either negative or positive, plus Micro Opaque/s – e.g. Microcard/s or Microprint/s, Micrographic & Microform requirements, no matter how small or complex, please contact us via the Contact Us @ DS & ME facility at this website or email Laurie Varendorff of Digital Scanning & Microfilm Equipment – DS & ME via Email @ Laurie Varendorff & we will do everything in our power to fulfil your requirements.

For any book, drawing, map or plan plus archival document or fragile material no matter the size – e.g. less than A 5 = 148 x 210 mm = ( 5.83 x 8.27 inches ) or up to Double A 0 Plus = 2,000 x 1,210 mm = ( 78.7 x 47.64 inches ) – which requires Scanning, Digitising = Digitizing & or Imaging for your Digitisation Projects, no matter how large or small then contact Laurie Varendorff via email @ Laurie Varendorff ARMA; or Phone: Australia @ 0417 094 147 – International @ +61 417 094 147 at Digital Scanning & Microfilm Equipment – DS & ME.

Laurie will be able to advise if DS & ME has the specialised equipment available for the Scanning, Digitising, & or Imaging for your project from a minimum size of A 6 = 148 mm in width by 105 mm in height up to a maximum size of DOUBLE A 0 or 2,540 mm in width x 915 mm in height = ( 100 x 36 inches ) for fragile documents, maps, plans or drawings or books required to meet a prospective client’s individual requirements.