FEBRUARY-2021: Community Announcement on behalf of GSQ – Genealogical Society of Queensland Inc.

Digital Scanning & Microfilm Equipment – DS & ME are listing this group of Microfilm – Microfiche Readers on behalf of GSQ – Genealogical Society of Queensland Inc. as a community announcement.

SPECIAL NOTE: Digital Scanning & Microfilm Equipment – DS & ME wish to advise that it has no financial involvement in making this announcement.

Digital Scanning & Microfilm Equipment – DS & ME do not vouch for the condition of these readers & all transactions with interested parties will be direct with the people at the GSQ – Genealogical Society of Queensland Inc.

Contact detail for the GSQ – Genealogical Society of Queensland Inc. is a detailed below.

David Barnes
Treasurer and Acting Bookshop Convenor
GSQ – Genealogical Society of Queensland Inc
38 Fisher Street,
PO Box 8423 – Woolloongabba – QLD 4102
East Brisbane, QLD 4169
Email: finance@gsq.org.au URL: http://www.gsq.org.au/

Canon 250LM Single Lens Fiche Reader

Canon 2000=EyeCom Single Lens Fiche Reader

EyeCom 1200 Dual Lens Fiche Reader

Indus Dual Lens Reader Fiche & Roll Film

For any form of Scanning of Books up to A0 in size or Large Format Fragile Documents up to Double A0 in size plus microfilm aperture card, jacket, microfiche, microfilm – 16 / 35 mm Roll, micrographic & microform requirements, no matter how small or complex, please contact us via the Contact Us @ DS & ME facility at this website or email Laurie Varendorff at  – Digital Scanning & Microfilm Equipment – DS & ME – Email: Laurie Varendorff & we will do everything in our power to fulfil your requirements.

For any book, drawing, map or plan plus archival document or fragile material no matter the size – e.g. less than A 5 = 148 x 210 mm = ( 5.83 x 8.27 inches ) or up to Double A 0 Plus = 2,000 x 1,210 mm = ( 78.7 x 47.64 inches ) – which requires Scanning, Digitising = Digitizing & or Imaging for your Digitisation Projects, no matter how large or small then contact Laurie Varendorff @ email @ Laurie Varendorff ARMA; or Phone: Australia @ 0417 094 147 – International @ +61 417 094 147 at Digital Scanning & Microfilm Equipment – DS & ME.

Laurie will be able to advise if DS & ME has the specialised equipment available for the Scanning, Digitising, & or Imaging from a minimum size of A 6 = 148 mm in width by 105 mm in height up to a maximum size of over Double A 0 = 1189 mm plus in width by 841 mm plus in height for books or Fragile Document/s, Map/s, Plan/s or Engineering, Architectural plus other types of Drawing/s required to meet a prospective client’s individual requirements.

For Further Assistance? If you require details on the range of Digital Microfilm Reader – Viewer – Scanner – Printers available in the Australian – New Zealand – & Oceania Region or any of DS & ME’s extensive range of Microfilm or Book & Large Format Fragile Document Scanners on any the products or services listed on this website or require a quotation you can send an e-mail, or phone Laurie Varendorff via email @ Laurie Varendorff; or Phone: Australia @ 0417 094 147 – International @ +61 417 094 147

Digital Scanning & Microfilm Equipment – DS & ME for All Things Micrographic plus Book & fragile Archival Document Scanning, Digitising & Imaging services the Australian – New Zealand – Papua New Guinea & Oceania Market which includes all states & territories of Australia including Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, the Northern Territory plus New Zealand – NZ  plus surrounding areas in Oceania where our Business Partners provide us with the authority to promote, install & to provide ongoing technical support for their nominated equipment range.