2020-JANUARY: The latest SMA Electronic Document GmbH NEWS from the Caribbean – Another successful SMA Scanner installation – the National Library of Jamaica received their SMA SCAN MASTER 0

Digital Scanning & Microfilm Equipment – DS & ME is pleased & VERY EXCITED to be able to announce the installation of another SMA Electronic Document GmbH Scanner an SMA model SCAN MASTER 0 Scanner with the National Library of Jamaica via the North American SMA Distributor Analogue Imaging – SMA North America with Aaron Burkel & Donnie Conrad carrying out the installation & onsite training.

NLJ Bolsters its Digitization Programme

With the addition of a large format scanner – SMA Scan Master, the National Library of Jamaica will see an increased pace in digital conversion of its paper-based resources to include over 20,000 maps, thousands of photographs, books and manuscripts and other.Aaron Burkel and Donnie Conrod of Analogue Imaging recently visited to faciliate the implementation of the scanner and trained the Digital Studio team members – headed by Mrs. Janielle Rowe, Manager of Digital Resources Development.

Posted by National Library of Jamaica on Monday, 20 January 2020

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