DS & ME: SMA Electronic Document GmbH model SMA Book & Large Format Scanners – LOCAL plus INTERNATIONAL Client Installations

Since April 2004 Digital Scanning & Microfilm Equipment – DS & ME has been supplying its Clients located across Australia, New Zealand, PNG & Oceania with the Best of Breed Solutions in both Micrographic & Book plus Large Format Fragile Document Scanners to meet our Client specific & individual requirements.

DS & ME only survives & prospers based on it clients belief in the level of the actuality of the professional services provided plus the continuing provision of a superior level of equipment quality with unrivalled reliability plus the provision of an ongoing high level of quality of service & support by itself plus DS & ME’s  TWELEVE – 12 Authorised Resellers / Business Partners / Technical Service Agents to its client base which extends back FORTY ONE – 41 years in this industry. Many of  DS & ME’s clients have returned AGAIN & AGAIN to purchase additional units of Micrographic & or Book & Large Format Scanners from us since 2004.

SMA Scanner Applications

Décor & Fine Art

The SMA VERSASCAN is turning heads in the art and décor industry, making this our fastest growing business sector. The included V3D technology is able to capture depth and dimension, significantly reducing post processing software enhancements. With the highest optical resolutions available today and the fastest scan speeds on the market, the SMA VERSASCAN has been proven to drastically increase your day to day productivity.


  • Wallpaper
  • Art Reproduction
  • Wood
  • Textiles
  • Stone & Tile
  • Fabric
  • Carpet
  • Insurance and Valuation Purposes

SMA Book & Large Format Scanner

The SMA –SCAN MASTER Range of Scanners now with the NEW V3D Imaging Feature which stands for VISUAL 3D Scanning of Document/s, Book/s, Drawing/s, Map/s, Plan/s from A 3 to A 0 + in Size

SMA ScanMaster 1 Book Scanner with Draw Open

SMA Electronic Document GmbH  INSTALLATIONS in the Australian, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea & Oceania Region


DS  & ME has received a Purchase Order for an SMA Electronic Document GmbH VersaScan model 4870 Double A0 Plus Flatbed Scanner.

Digital Scanning & Microfilm Equipment – DS & ME in conjunction with Micrographic Engineering Services – MES is pleased & VERY EXCITED to be able to announce the receipt of a Purchase Order from the SRA NSW – State Records Authority of New South Wales – Government Records Repository for a for an SMA Electronic Document GmbH VersaScan model 4870 Double A0 Plus Flatbed Scanner for deliver in February 2018.

VERSASCAN 4870 Flatbed Scanner

Bigger. Better. Faster.

Get Ready for a NEW Dimension of Scanning! Introducing V3D Scanning

SMA is proud to announce the SMA VERSASCAN, Specialty Graphic and Imaging Association’s 2018 Product of the Year. In addition to your 2D flat originals, the VERSASCAN is equipped with V3D technology that creates the opportunity to scan structured surfaces.

  • Wood
  • Carpet
  • Braille
  • Botanicals
  • Fabric
  • Metals
  • Seals
  • Tires
  • Textiles
  • Plastic
  • Wallpaper
  • Geological
  • Rubber
  • Coins
  • Artwork
  • Circuit Boards

The new VERSASCAN 4870 is the latest addition to our family of flatbed scanners. With a scanning range of 48 x 70 Inches or 1219 x 1778 mm it scans longer and wider than its successful sibling VERSASCAN 3650.

This Double A0 scanner opens news doors as it can scan oversize originals in one go without the need of stitching serval scans together.

Further it offers outstanding productivity. A high resolution scan of 600 ppi over the entire scanning range can be performed in about 30 seconds only!

Of course the VERSASCAN 4870 is equipped with our new V3D technology.


Australian War Memorial – AWM opts for the SMA model SCAN MASTER 1

The Australian War Memorial – AWM was looking for an A1 scanner to digitize their collection that tells the story of the Australian experience of war.

The collection consists of bound and single sheet originals.

The SCAN MASTER 1 was chosen as it is the ideal candidate that offers more advantages than other scanners do.

Unmatched resolution, fast productivity and the ability to operate the scanner independent from ambient light are just a few of them.


National Library of Australia – NLA continues to rely on SMA!

After about 10 years of using several SMA scanners the National Library of Australia – NLA looked for a new A2 book scanner.

The SCAN MASTER 2 met all their requirements and became the product of choice.

In the long history of being a SMA user the NLA made only positive experiences with the scanners which certainly was an argument to buy a SMA product again.


DS & ME installed an SMA MAP MASTER XXL – Extra Large Format Document Scanner with a Scanning Range of DOUBLE A0+ ( 2,540 x 915 mm = 100 x 36 Inches in size ) with the State Records Office of New South Wales via our Greater Sydney Metropolitan Area – Authorised Reseller – David Manche of Micrographic Engineering Services – MES.

Full details are available online @ https://www.microfilm.net.au/products/book-scanners/sma-map-master-flat-bed-scanners/ or @ http://www.sma-edocument.com/products/Products/2/map-master-xxl.html


DS & ME installed an SMA SCAN MASTER 0 – A0 PLUS Size Book & Large Format Document Scanner with a Scanning Range of up to 1,270 x 915 mm = ( 50 x 36 inches ) with the UQ Library – University of Queensland.

Full details are available online @ https://www.microfilm.net.au/?book-scanners/SMA_SCAN_MASTER_Scanners or @ http://www.sma-edocument.com/products/Products/18/scan-master-0.html


DS & ME installed an SMA SCAN MASTER 1 – A1 PLUS Size Book & Large Format Document Scanner with the National Archive of Australia – NAA in Canberra – ACT with a Scanning Range of up to 915 x 635 mm = ( 36 x 25 inches ).

Full details are available online @ https://www.microfilm.net.au/?book-scanners/SMA_SCAN_MASTER_Scanners or @ http://www.sma-edocument.com/products/Products/18/scan-master-1.html


DS & ME installed one of the SMA SCANMASTER 2 = A2 Desktop Book Scanners with the Ministry of Justice of the Cook Islands for the scanning of the Cook Islands Births Deaths & Marriage Collection plus other related material.

SMA Electronic Document GmbH  INSTALLATIONS – Internationally

Department of Lands and Surveys Cyprus buys another SMA scanner – NOVEMBER 2016

The Department of Lands and Surveys Cyprus bought another SCAN MASTER 0 for digitizing their records. In 2012 they bought the first SCAN MASTER 0. Ever since the scanner has been used on a daily basis. After four years another scanner was needed. Since the experience they have had with the SMA book scanner has been immaculate it was clear that another SMA product will be purchased. In four years of extensive usage there has been no down time at all!

Palais des Papes Avignon welcomes SMA scanner NOVEMBER 2016

The Papal Palace in Avignon, one of the largest and most important medieval Gothic buildings in Europe, is the proud owner of a SCAN MASTER 0 4838. The scanner is being used to digitize historical maps as well as books up 50 cm thickness. The powerful book cradle with its unique range of 50 cm and the superb resolution combined with very high productivity made it obvious that the SCAN MASTER 0 4838 was the only sensible choice.

Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics ( ZAMG ) in Vienna / Austria buys SMA scanner JULY 2016

The Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG) in Vienna/Austria bought a VERSASCAN 2550 for digitizing their large format originals. Geometric accuracy was a major reason to go for the SMA A1 flatbed scanner.

SMA goes Tibet! APRIL 2016

The Science & Technology Department of Lhasa / Tibet purchased a SCAN MASTER 0.

They are responsible for digitizing and archiving the famous Tibetan Buddhist paintings on cotton or silk called “Tangka”.

A major challenge is the fact that these Tangkas often have embroideries of solid golden threads.

Digitizing such originals requires a scanner with outstanding image quality to handle the reflections that gold is causing.

The SCAN MASTER 0 was chosen as it is perfectly able to digitize such originals without any loss of image quality.

The V3D technology of the SCAN MASTER 0 offers for this application significant options.

National Archives of Ireland receives an SMA model SCAN MASTER 0 – JANUARY 2016

The National Archives of Ireland were in the need of a versatile large format book and map scanner.

They opted for the SCAN MASTER 0 as this scanner fits their needs best possible.

Serbian Cultural Society buys SCAN MASTER 1 – DECEMBER 2015

The Serbian Cultural Society was looking for an A1 book scanner and considered the SCAN MASTER 1 to be the best choice in terms of resolution, capability of handling thick books, productivity and durability.

The National Library of France – France installs an SMA –  SCAN MASTER 0 – SEPTEMBER 2015

Natioanl Library of France SMA SM 0

The State High Court Cologne – Cologne Germany decides on an SMA –  SCAN MASTER 0 – July 2015

The State High Court of Cologne can finally call off the search for a suitable scanner. The challenge was to find a solution to digitize books with integrated maps. Those maps are folded up and are part of the book binding. In unfolded conditions the maps can reach a size up to A0.

After having tested all available scanners in the market it was clear that only the SCAN MASTER 0 of SMA is able to master this challenge.

The National Taiwan Library installs an SMA – SCAN MASTER 1      February 2015

2015-02 National Taiwan Library SMA SM 1

The Hessian State Archive Wiesbaden installs an SMA                 SCAN MASTER 1 February 2015

The Hessian State Archive in Wiesbaden/Germany purchased a new A1 book scanner for their Photo & Repro Department.

The main stipulation was to find a system that can be used independent from ambient light.

With this requirement the only choice had to be SMA – known as the only manufacturer worldwide that designs scanners following this concept.

Another requirement was a high optical resolution which finally let them opt for the SCAN MASTER 1.   

Indonesian Geological Library – SCAN MASTER 0 plus an SMA SCAN MASTER 3  December 2014

2015 Indonesian Geological Library 2 SM 0

SMA is happy to welcome another member to the SMA family.

One of the major libraries of the country bought a SCAN MASTER 0 with 50 cm book cradle as well as a SCAN MASTER 3.

Those two machines cover their needs to digitize all their books – from thin A3 to very thick A0. In particular the SCAN MASTER 0 was of interest for them as they also have a large map collection that has to be scanned.

As the “Jack of all Trades” the SCAN MASTER 0 combines the benefit of a book scanner and a map scanner.

The Afghanistan Center at Kabul University (ACKU) installs an SMA – SCAN MASTER 1October 2014

For the Afghanistan Center at the Kabul University (ACKU) the SCAN MASTER 1 was the first choice to digitize their rare books.

This installation was a special one for SMA.

The first time a large format book scanner was installed remotely without having a SMA coach locally available.

With the use of modern video and audio technology the installation and the operator training was done over the internet within a period of two days.

The customer feels 100% comfortable with the use of the equipment and confirmed that the training felt like a real person was present.

SMA has demonstrated how easy it is to install one of their products and what is possible with today’s technology.

Video conferencing is definitely a method that SMA will use more often in the future. 

SMA grows market shares in Africa with the installation of an SMA – SCAN MASTER 2October 2014

After many successful installations of SMA products is various African countries we are happy to announce that we have now added a renowned organization in Uganda to our customer list.

The nation’s no. 1 media group maintains TV and radio stations and produces the county’s leading newspaper.

They were looking for an option to digitize their bound newspapers and decided to purchase a SCAN MASTER 2 book scanner.

Major arguments for the SCAN MASTER 2 were the unmatched high resolution and the unique, proximity sensor controlled book cradle which allows the user to adjust the pressure very individually.

Also the robustness, for which SMA scanners are renown around the globe, was a convincing aspect.  

The Library & Archives – Ottawa – CANADA – an SMA – SCAN MASTER 0 – April 2014

The Library & Archives Canada has recently purchased a SCAN MASTER 0.

The  SMA – SCAN MASTER 0 was the only A0 scanner that met all their requirements.

After having installed smaller scanner models in Canada we are proud to finally place one of our flagship products in this region.

The City Archive of Ghent – City of Brussels – Belgium an SMA SCAN MASTER 0 

The Ethiopian National Archives & Library – Addis Ababa – Ethiopia TWO-2 SMA – SCAN MASTER 2’s 

The Guyana Geology and Mines Commission – Georgetown – Guyana – an SMA – SCAN MASTER 0 

The Hessian State Archive Wiesbaden – GERMANY – an SMA SCAN MASTER 1

 The Kabul University – IRAQ – an SMA – SCAN MASTER 1 Uganda – AFRICA

The Land Registry Office of Cyprus – an SMA – SCAN MASTER 0 

The National Centre of Manuscripts  Manuscript Library in Tbilisi, Georgia – RUSSIA – an SMA – SCAN MASTER 1 

The Spartanburg County Public Library – South Carolina – USA – an SMA – SCAN MASTER 0

The MAP MASTER Range of Scanners now named the VERSASCAN with the NEW V3D which stands for VISUAL 3D = 3D LIKE Scanning Feature Large & EXTRA LARGE Format, Drawing, Map, Plan & Fragile Document Flat Bed Scanner/s

2014-08 SR NSW SMA XXL Double A 0 Extra Large Format Scanner with 55 Inch Monitor 3

A German service organisation installs a MAP MASTER 0 November 2014

One of the leading German service organizations has purchase a SMA A0 flatbed scanner.

This is now one of the few organizations in Germany that is able to digitize large format originals without any mechanical impact.

We are excited about this new business relationship and are delighted to recommend their service.

Should you have a smaller amount of larger originals that cannot be scanned with a rotary scanner we will be happy to bring you together with our client.      

The Chinese Navy – China – MAP MASTER now named the VERSASCAN model L – A1+

The German Scanning Service Bureau – MAP MASTER now named the VERSASCAN model XL – A0+

The University of Hebron – Palestine – MAP MASTER now named the VERSASCAN model L – A1+

Kenyan Government Land Records Office, Nairobi, Kenya Purchases THREE-3 MAP MASTERS now named the VERSASCAN model L – A1+

The Land Survey Office in Switzerland – MAP MASTER now named the VERSASCAN model XL – A0+

Network Rail London – UK –  MAP MASTER now named the VERSASCAN model XL – A0+

The Norwegian Service Bureau – NORWAY – MAP MASTER now named the VERSASCAN model XL – A0+

The Russian Navy – RUSSIA – MAP MASTER now named the VERSASCAN model XXL = Double A0 + Size Scans

Additional SMA – MASTER SERIES Scanner Installations with no Models identified.

University of Applied Science, Munich, Germany

Dansk Scanning, Esbjerg, Denmark

Oulun Mikropiste Oy, Jääli, Finland

Mikrofilmtechnik, Willebroek, Belgium

Swisstopo, Bern, Switzerland

Historical State Archive of Badajoz, Spain

Historical State Archive of Cáceres, Spain

Lantegi Batuak, Getxo Bizkaya, Spain

Associacao dos Municipals do Baixo Alentejo a Alentejo Litoral, Beja, Portugal

Clare Heritage Forum, Ennis, Ireland

Royal Botanical Garden Archive, London, UK

National Institute of Cartography, Bucharest, Romania

National Archive, Lublin, Poland

National Digital Archive, Warsaw, Poland

State Archive, Leszno, Poland

Navy Academy Library, Gdynia, Poland

State Archive, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland

National Archive of Modern Records, Warsaw, Poland

State Archive in Zamość, Poland

State Archive in Zielona Góra, Poland

State Archive in Kraśnik, Poland

Central Archive of Historical Records in Warsaw, Poland

Regional Public Library in Opole, Poland

Emergency Ministry Russia, Voronezh, Russia

Historical State Museum, Moscow, Russia

State Library, Irkutsk, Russia

State Archive, Irkutsk, Russia

Scientific Research Institute, Tula, Russia

State Archive, Omsk, Russia

Scientific Institute, Saratov, Russia

Federal Archive Agency, St. Petersburg, Russia

Ikea, Moscow, Russia

Alfaret, St. Petersburg, Russia

Central State Archive, Almaty, Kazakhstan

National Archive, Astana, Kazakhstan

Jeddah Municipality, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Crats India, Bangalore, India

Defines Estate Office, Agra, India

Defence Estate Office, Allahabad, India

UDS Coimbatore, India

BAeHAL, Bangalore, India

National Library Taipei, Taiwan

Historical Museum Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan Imaging Systems, Taipei, Taiwan

National Power Supply, Lanzhou, China

Digital China, Beijing, China

Ministry of Land, Department of Land Records and Survey, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Maryland State Archive, Annapolis, USA

TCarta, Cheyenne, USA

Analogue Imaging, Sussex, USA

A+ E, The Graphics Complex, Houston, USA

New Route Inc., Miami, USA

Spartanburg County, Spartanburg SC, USA

Pedro II. Collegue, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

NZMS, Wellington, New Zealand

Ministry of Justice, Cook Islands

For any form of microfilm aperture card, jacket, microfiche, microfilm – 16 / 35 mm Roll, micrographic & microform requirements, no matter how small or complex, please contact us via the Contact Us @ DS & ME facility at this website or email Laurie Varendorff at Digital Scanning & Microfilm Equipment – DS & ME – Email: Laurie Varendorff & we will do everything in our power to fulfil your requirements.

For any book, drawing, map or plan plus archival document or fragile material no matter the size – e.g. less than A 5 = 148 x 210 mm = ( 5.83 x 8.27 inches ) or up to Double A 0 Plus = 2,000 x 1,210 mm = ( 78.7 x 47.64 inches ) – which requires Scanning, Digitising = Digitizing & or Imaging for your Digitisation Projects, no matter how large or small then contact Laurie Varendorff @ email @ Laurie Varendorff ARMA; or Phone: Australia @ 0417 094 147 – International @ +61 417 094 147 at Digital Scanning & Microfilm Equipment – DS & ME.

Laurie will be able to advise if DS & ME has the specialised equipment available for the Scanning, Digitising, & or Imaging from a minimum size of A 6 = 148 mm in width by 105 mm in height up to a maximum size of over Double A 0 = 1189 mm plus in width by 841 mm plus in height for books or Fragile Document/s, Map/s, Plan/s or Engineering, Architectural plus other types of Drawing/s required to meet a prospective client’s individual requirements.