Microfilm, the stuff of comics, or real day to day business activity?

Microfilm, the stuff of comics, or real day to day business activity? Why? One may ask. On Friday September the 10th 2004 I opened my daily newspaper to address my first indulgence ... Read more

The microfilm dynamics

Hey! Hang on a minute, microfilm is the same flavour it has been now since the 1930’s, 16 mm roll film in open spools or 3M or ANSI cartridges, 35 mm ... Read more

Analogue only, Digital only, Analogue to Digital and Digital to Analogue

Microfilm is involved with three out of four, not bad for an 1870’s [ yes, eighteen hundreds ] technology. A little history I was first introduced to microfilm in 1974 when I ... Read more

Trojan Horse Programs: Is this the Records and Archive Management Armageddon?

Abstract Development by the Microsoft Corporation and IBM of “rights management” software … commentators have nicknamed it the ‘Trojan Horse program” … gives e-mail authors control over their electronic messages ... Read more

Records Management, Information Management, Knowledge Management or Content Management Software – what is your preference?

Semantics, or is it? In 1993 and after three years as a member of the Records Management of Australia “RMAA” and a committee member of the Western Australian “WA” Branch, I ... Read more

Taxonomy – thesauri, thesaurus or thesauruses – ontology – functional thesauri – business classification schemes – information architecture – metadata – metatags – controlled vocabularies – naming conventions – facet analysis – spatial data – faceted classification system, etc.

Taxonomy - thesauri, thesaurus, or thesauruses - ontology - functional thesauri - business classification schemes - information architecture - metadata - metatags - controlled vocabularies - naming conventions - facet ... Read more

I’ll make a bet that microfilm can’t do that! Or could it?

The World Wide Web and its spiders have us all connected and rolled up in its silken threads, never to be released, and probably devoured by the monster spiders! I do ... Read more

It is now official – microfilm lasts 500 years!

MICROFILM LASTS 500 YEARS! Why? Because Kodak now state this information as a fact in their advertisements (It is human eye readable for five hundred years) as located on the back ... Read more

Where have all the innovators gone?

Microfilm as a long-term storage media for digital data - dots and spaces not analogue text? In this Industry/Profession we hear a continual call from our ranks for the leaders of ... Read more

What is Records Management?

What is Records Management? The International Standard ISO 15489 calls it "Records Management". What's in a name? More appropriately, we should ask, "What is Records Management, RM'?" Where is it positioned, and ... Read more

Records Management – Silver Bullet

My brief for this publication is to report on things here in Australasia. This month I deviate from that brief. In a recent article published by the Green Sheet I ... Read more

The story behind the process of lobbying for the passage of the Western Australian State Records Act 2000

Fourteen [ some say sixteen ] years of challenging work, intrigue, lobbying, trials, tribulations, compromise and FINALLY Launch on 6 March 2002. This article is based on the records and recollections ... Read more

Micrographics down under

As this is the first view of the micrographic scene in Australia a little history could be helpful. My entry exposure to micrographics was in 1974 when I managed a CopiCentre ... Read more

Born digital- call in the Lawyers!

Call in the Lawyers! Which is the original? My Microsoft word version with links to other documents, the corporate Intranet and the WWW or the paper copy sent to the recipient ... Read more

Is records management to be the next new buzzword?

Hallelujah! Records management is finally out of the closet. If you searched Gartner Inc’s Research WWW site using the term records management in March 2003 you would have received 200 hits. ... Read more

Scanning for legal needs

I had a response from a concerned person who asked how they could recover 600,000 images which were less than usable. It is unlikely that any Quality Assurance Policies or Practices ... Read more

Scanned Images .TIFF or .PDF and what will happen when I go to court

What a lovely subject! This is a response to a question raised on the Records Management Association of Australasia "RMAA" Listserv in June 2002 On Wed, 26 Jun 2002 10:22:41 +1000, ... Read more

Taxonomy – Thesaurus – Classification – Indexing

What a strange world we live in? When I first started in the Microfilm Bureau business you received a box of paper and you prepared them for filming [unfolding, removal of ... Read more

RFID – a wireless ‘Smart Glass’ that knows when you need a Drink

Who said RFID "Radio Frequency Identification" isn't coming to the masses? In a latest news release April 05, 2002, at the following www site @ iGlassware we were advised that: "Restaurant and ... Read more

Now that you’ve scanned

Once you have imagined your physical documents, each state offers different advice on how to manage the information. When you embark on an imaging project, issues such as ensuring the accuracy ... Read more
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