DS & ME Downloads of the – e-ImageData – PowerScan Software

e-ImageData and DS & ME continue to offer our Valued Clients continuing support plus ongoing PowerScan Software upgrades to be able to optimise their Valuable Investment in their ScanPro Digital Micrographic Scanning Equipment.

Upgrades and Improvements to the PowerScan Software and Firmware for our Valued Clients ScanPro Digital Micrographic Investment continues to be made available at - NO CHARGE - for ScanPro Digital Micrographic Scanning Equipment manufactured now some TEN - 10 Years Past in Mid 2006.

This ongoing commitment with the provision of - NO CHARGE - continuing support plus ongoing PowerScan Software upgrades to our Clients Valuable Investment in their ScanPro Digital Micrographic Scanning Equipment is UNPARALLED in the Micrographic Industry.

SPECIAL NOTE: DS & ME recommends that all of our Valued Clients with ScanPro Scanners installed register with e-ImageData so as to receive Automatic Notification of any New PowerScan Software Updates for your ScanPro Unit.

To register for the PowerScan Software Upgrade notification for your ScanPro Unit @ REGISTER HERE Links to the PowerScan Software and Firmware Downloads for your specific Model of ScanPro Digital Scanning Microfilm Equipment are provided below:

SPECIAL NOTE: Please check that you ONLY DOWNLOAD the Latest Version of the PowerScan Software applicable to your particular model of ScanPro.

Should you inadvertently install the INCORRECT Version of the PowerScan Software it may cause your ScanPro Digital Micrographic Scanner to FAIL.

Please DOUBLE Check before you Download – Extract & then Install the correct software for your current model i9300, 3000, 2200PLUS, 2200,  2000, 1100 and the earlier version – 800 - 700,  & 1000  PowerScan Software.


NOTE: The above Latest Version of the PowerScan 1100 Software will upgrade your earlier models ScanPro 800 & 700 to the NEWEST & Latest ScanPro 1100 Configuration with improved Features & Capabilities





Across Australia – New Zealand - Papua New Guinea & Oceania – DS & ME with its TWELEVE – 12 Authorised Resellers / Business Partners /  Technical Service Agents now have a total of FOUR HUNDRED & EIGHTY SIX – 486 installations of the current e-ImageData ScanPro 3000ScanPro i9300, ScanPro 2200 PLUS, and ScanPro 2200 Digital Microfilm Reader – Viewer – Scanner – Printers plus the previous earlier e-ImageData ScanPro 2000 / 1000 / 1100 / 800 / 700 model/s with the ability to Read, View, Scan, and Print from 16 / 35 mm Roll Microfilm, Microfiche, 35 mm Aperture Cards for Engineering, Architectural plus any other type of Drawing/s, Map/s & Plan/s – either negative or positive, plus Micro Opaque/s – e.g. Microcard/s or Microprint/s.

This Australian – New Zealand – Papua New Guinea & Oceania contribution by DS & ME with its  TWELEVE – 12 Authorised Resellers / Business Partners / Technical Service Agents has allowed the international total of installations of the ScanPro Digital Microfilm Reader – Viewer – Scanner – Printer Range of Scanners manufactured by e-ImageData Corp. of the USA to increase to a total in excess of TEN THOUSAND – YES !!! 10,000 Units.

For any book, archival document or fragile material project which requires Scanning, Digitising = Digitizing, & or Imaging, no matter how small or large then contact Laurie Varendorff @ email @ Laurie Varendorff ARMA; or Phone: Australia @ 0417 094 147 – International @ +61 417 094 147 at Digital Scanning & Microfilm Equipment – DS & ME

Laurie will be able to advise if DS & ME has the specialised equipment available for the Scanning, Digitising, & or Imaging for your project from a minimum size of A6 = 148 mm in width by 105 mm in height up to a maximum size of DOUBLE A0 or 2,540 mm in width x 915 mm in height = ( 100 x 36 inches ) for fragile documents, maps, plans or drawings or books required to meet a prospective client’s individual requirements.

For Further Assistance or if you require details on the ScanPro  3000  – i9300 – 2200 PLUS – 2200 – 2000 Digital Microfilm Scanner / Printer or any of DS & ME’s extensive range of Microfilm or Book & Fragile Document Scanners on any the products or services listed on this DS & ME website or require a quotation you can send an e-mail, or phone Laurie Varendorff via email @ Laurie Varendorff ARMA; or Phone: Australia @ 0417 094 147 – International @ +61 417 094 147