2016-NOVEMBER: Metis Systems – From the moon to leading the digital wood decor revolution

The Author: Rob is the Digital Marketing Co-Ordinator at the Genus UK Head Office Metis Systems From the moon to leading the digital wood décor revolution Metis Systems is an Italian company that specialises ... Read more

2016-NOVEMBER: How are the German Archives protecting their German Cultural Heritage Collection Material from war and natural disasters? With Tried & Proven for around 100 Years – Microfilm, of course !!!!!!

The Author: Hayley Kilmurry is the Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator at the Genus UK Head Office How is Germany protecting its cultural heritage from war and natural disasters? – Microfilm, of course ... Read more

2011-September: Intelligent Microfilm

An article by Daniel Lawrance [ Laurie ] Varendorff ARMA 2011-09-16 INTELLIGENT MICROFILM from UNINTELLIGENT Raster Images The HISTORY OF MICROFILM is being rewritten with the imminent introduction of the greatest breakthrough ... Read more

2011-September: Microforms are dead – long live microforms !!!!!

An article by Daniel Lawrance [ Laurie ] Varendorff ARMA 2011-09-16 2011 SEPTEMBER enter the ERA of INTELLIGENT MICROFORMS with the release of the ScanPro 2000 - PowerScan Productivity Suite - ... Read more

2008-JULY: Is disposition = retention & disposal the only thing that records & information management – RIM is all about?

If it is, then we should all pack up and go home or do something more constructive with our lives! I am referring to the recent over reactive and unhealthy interest ... Read more

2008-MARCH: 2007 – A watershed year for the Micrographic – Scanning, Imaging Industry

It is my honest belief that 2007 will go down in the history of the Microfilm Scanning Imaging Industry as the year when THE ScanPro 1000 Desktop Microfilm Scanner PRODUCT ... Read more

2006-JULY: The Cavalry has, or is arriving on the Records and Information Management – RIM Scene after TWENTY FIVE – 25 years of Digital Amnesia

Since the introduction of the IBM compatible PC and DOS in 1981 it is claimed by many in the Records Management, Archive and History field that the history records of ... Read more

2006-JANUARY: Misconceptions in the records management fraternity

Misconceptions in the records management fraternity in respect to the intellectual creation, management and maintenance of Controlled Vocabularies - CV’s, Thesauri and Business Classification Schemes - BCS’s As a person with ... Read more

2006-JANUARY: Fact or Fiction? – A new evolutionary digital data storage process

A new evolutionary Digital Data & IT Information Storage Process and Media for Long Term - LE Preservation for ONE - 1 Hundred to up to FIVE - 5 Hundred Years!   Historically ... Read more

2005-DECEMBER: Proofing of Scanned-Imaged Documentation of all sizes

A hypothetical question: Do we need to Quality Assure - QA every document scanned in a scanning / imaging process? And the answer is –it depends!   It depends on what? Quality Assurance - ... Read more

2005-NOVEMBER: Records and Information Management – RIM Horror stories!

The scenario’s listed below may, or may not be the current activity of the organisation in question. I have been made aware of, or experienced first hand the situations outlined. I am ... Read more

e-mail, the enemy !

Please tell me why! They tell me some organisations have banned the use of e-mails in their organisations! They tell me that e-mails are Evil and should not be something we need ... Read more

The interdependency of Records and Information Management (RIM) and Information Technology & Telecommunications (IT & T) or Information Technology & Communications (IT & C)

Where is the synergy between these business operations? The synergy is, or should be complete with total cooperation and collaboration between these parties! Neither area cannot survive, one without the other. In times ... Read more

Why should we scan/image documents?

Does scanning/imaging improve efficiency? Scanning/imaging in itself does not improve efficiency but the resultant ease of access, distribution and reduction in the mass of paper that has been scanned, plus access ... Read more

Potential opportunities for Outsource Providers e.g. Records Centers – Offsite Document Storage Providers

Can Corporate and Government organisations scan and destroy their physical documents and files in todays technological and legislative environment? With one or two Caveats they are doing exactly that and today. In ... Read more

You are not going to tell me that e-mails are records are you?

It appears that the first use of e-mail was at MIT in 1961. Heaven take pity on the poor person who inflicted this bounty, or curse upon the business world. I actually ... Read more

Why the Americans are beating the Australians at Records Management!

The presentation - Why the Americans are beating the Australians at Records Management! - of the 26th November 2004 is based on Laurie’s attendance at the ARMA 2004 Conference in Long Beach, ... Read more

How can the application of RFID technology add value to my Records Center Operations?

When we look at how RFID technology has made an impact in certain areas it is curious that it has not yet had an impact in the Records and Information ... Read more

Digital Recordkeeping Initiative at the National Archives of Australia – NAA – also publised as – Well Preserved

In 2003 the National Archives of Australia (NAA) established the Australian Digital Recordkeeping Initiative as part of an ongoing programme which commenced back in the early 1990’s with the release ... Read more

Records Management “RM” and Findability, Searchability or Discovery, which is the most appropriate term?

When one is attempting to locate information [no matter where it is stored or for what reason] it is said that not to be able to find the information [which ... Read more
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